Olympians – ‘Brunch Cannon’

Olympians band Brunch Cannon

Ahead of their triumphant performance at ArcTanGent festival, Olympians released their new single, the fantastically named ‘Brunch Cannon’. The first song from an as-yet-untitled debut album, the synth-laced and doom-laden math-pop song is wonderfully layered as it gradually builds to the memorable but gloomy group-chanted statement of: ‘Find a melody and keep it in your head, buy a glockenspiel, make music from your bed, scream your lungs to shards singing words your heart admits are futile and will fail, but we’ll make the worst of it’.

This element of miserabilia is a common premise throughout the verses too, although the dynamic sprinkles of Broken Social Scene-esque guitar show there’s at least a glimpse of hope and delight in the four-piece’s sights. A song ‘about the feelings that you might have when eating brunch’, it’s one that could happily be devoured any time of the day.

Find out more about Olympians:

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