Into It. Over It. – ‘The Shaking of Leaves’ video

It’s fair to say Into It. Over It.’s ‘Intersections’ has been one of our most-listened to albums this year. After seeing Evan Weiss play a phenomenal show in Cambridge, MA back in the spring, we know he’s a ridiculously talented songwriter and his heart is always in the right place – and this is the reason why the new, frankly quite brilliant, video for ‘The Shaking of Leaves’ is a heartbreaking watch.

With beautiful animation from Reza Iman and composition from John Komar, based on storyboards by Dana Terrence, the video follows the lyrics which describe Evan’s feelings when he found out a friend had been murdered.

Following a dog who has been kicked out from his home and feels like he is no longer loved, the video finds the pet leaving in search of a better life but things do not work out and end tragically. Using the acoustic-led song’s frank and candid lyrics as the subject for the video, it builds to a heart-wrenching climax as Evan sings: ‘The New Haven expose. Confirmed they caught a killer. Well I caught a chill. When the newsprint said the gunman was nineteen.’ Things get even more emotional as Evan repeats the opening line about how much he misses his friend and reaffirms how grief can take hold at the most unexpected moments: ‘Late this afternoon I heard your voice, It was the first time in what felt like years’.

The rest of the year will see Evan take his full-band version of Into It. Over It. on a relentless tour throughout the United States, playing with the likes of Foxing, Kittyhawk, Mineral and American Football. Let’s hope they make it back to the UK soon.

Find out more about Into It. Over It.:

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