Dad Rocks! – ‘In the Seine’ video

Ahead of a UK and European tour with his other band Mimas and in the week that Dad Rocks! finally released the wonderful album ‘Year of the Flesh’ on these shores (check out our review here), Snævar Njáll Albertsson’s solo project has unveiled a video for ‘In the Seine’.

A video that almost didn’t happen due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, a crowdfunding campaign made sure that it did see the light of the day – and what a delight it is… Following a gentleman as he finally becomes one with nature, it has a cinematic quality that will ensure repeated views.

It follows the black-and-white Bob Dylan-aping video for ‘Peers’ which found Snævar recounting the lyrics to his ode to file sharing via white signage.

You can catch Mimas and Dad Rocks on the following dates:
Oct 16th – London – The Lexington
Oct 17th – Newport – Le Pub
Oct 18th – Leicester – The Firebug
Oct 19th – Manchester – A Carefully Planned Festival
Oct 20th – Glasgow – The Broadcast
Oct 22nd – Leeds – The Holy Trinity Church
Oct 23rd – Norwich – Norwich Arts Centre
Oct 24th – Brighton – Sticky Mike’s Frog Bar


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