The New Tusk – ‘Monster Trucks’ EP review


Releasing their new EP ‘Monster Trucks’ through ‘Get Into It Records’ (who list the likes of Dads, The World Is a Beautiful Place and Healing Powers among their roster), Brighton three-piece The New Tusk have an infectious and endearingly childlike enthusiasm for all things punk rock. The opening riffs on the opening song ‘Nice Charity’ have a touch of Johnny Foreigner, while statements about ‘the way we look’ are spat out with the venom of YOURCODENAMEIS:MILO. There’s also a neat contrast with the screamed vocals being joined by almost spoken-word stylings, while talk of taking a vacation is heralded by a bass-led breakdown…

There’s no messing around with The New Tusk, the songs are all short and spiky – especially on the sub two-minute emo-stylings of ‘Toystory’, which opens with the words, delivered in a delicious Slaves-esque style: ‘How do you do it? Treat me like you do?’… With some healthy shouting throughout, there are also elements of early Cribs throughout every song, none more so than on the drawled ‘Uncomfort’. With its big ending and rapid drumming, it’s a huge riff-based behemoth of a song. The final track of the EP ‘Stones to Make It’ contains lines like ‘Where in the world could I be?’ and ‘You’re gonna have to be ruthless’, while the guitars crush and spark around them. Lo-fi and rough around the edges but always exciting and with a pulsating streak throughout, The New Tusk are a band to get your teeth into…

‘Monster Trucks’ will be released via Get Into It Records on 24 October 2014.

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