Idlewild stream new single ‘Come On Ghost’

Idlewild Come On Ghost

Ahead of one of our most hotly anticipated releases of early 2015, Idlewild have streamed new song ‘Come On Ghost’ – and it’s sure to whet the anticipation for new album ‘Everything Ever Written’ even further. There’s no messing about on the track – Roddy Woomble delivers his trademark poetic lyrics almost instantly. From observations about sewer rats who climb to the sunshine to the repeated title-referencing line of ‘Come on ghost, give me back the key, unlock the door, what’s the point of hiding anymore?’ the band seem to be in good spirits throughout.

In recent interviews, band members have claimed after the break the enthusiasm for the band is back again and this track confirms it. Idlewild have always listed R.E.M. as one of their major influences and ‘Come On Ghost’ gives a graceful nod to Michael Stipe and co, while also finding the band stretching out from the ‘Warnings/Promises’-esque opening to the rockier instrumental second half of the track – there’s even some gloriously noisy feedback to finish!

We just can’t wait for this album. Order your copy now via Idlewild’s PledgeMusic page.

Find out more about Idlewild:


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