Get Inuit – ‘001 EP’ review

Get Inuit - I Would

Anyone who loves Alcopop! Records will still have fond memories of the dearly departed Elephants and we’re yet to meet anyone who doesn’t have a soft spot for the gloriously spiky indie pop of Stagecoach. There’s been some buzz about Get Inuit for a while now, with some incredible shows and a number of plays by Huw Stephens. Are they set to be your next favourite pop band?

‘Dress of Bubblewrap’ opens the EP and is full of math-pop goodness! Sure to raise a smile, the vocals are delivered in a style similar to Jamie T but this particular blend of scuzz pop has a sheen to it as well as some funny, personal lyrics: ‘Sorry to hear you broke your hip’. A main course of Everything Everything with a side-order of I Was a Cub Scout, the humour continues through on ‘Coping with Death in a Nutshell’ – a song with added falsetto that somehow combines perfectly with Weezer/Lemonheads-style hooks to devastating effect.

The penultimate song on the EP – ‘Cutie Pie, I’m Bloated’ – was made for sing-alongs in the sun and you can already picture the pogoing. It’s a joyous indie anthem that’s jangly and brings you right back to the mid-00s when bands like The Futureheads and The Rakes were almost household names. The closing ‘I Would’ (which you can hear in our stream) continues this sound, but with more punky aesthetics in line with Basement. A head-bopping song that practically forces you to sing the words ‘A tight squeeze, I’m getting used to this crush’ at the top of your voice, it’s a delight.

Quick, get into Get Inuit. You won’t regret it.


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