Mutiny on the Bounty – ‘MKL JKSN’ video stream

Mutiny on the Bounty - MKL JKSN

Luxembourg’s finest purveyors of math rock Mutiny on the Bounty will soon be back on the scene with their new album ‘Digital Tropics’ (released on Small Pond Recordings) and to whet the anticipation, they’ve released a video for ‘MKL JKSN’… and it’s one that will take you right back to Friday evenings spent watching Top of the Pops when you felt you could trust the presenters…

Complete with an awkward introduction from the show’s host, the video finds the band soundtracking the show ‘Soul Jam’. The band’s glacial groovy riffs quickly become the perfect backing for some super-impressive dance moves and the Minus the Bear/Appleseed Cast-esque layers bring something extra to the sound. With a bass-lead breakdown and an aggressive finish – which sees the aforementioned host giving it his all – the song soon lifts off into another dimension. It’s great to have them back!


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