Dazy Chain – ‘Bloodbath’ EP review

Dazy Chain band

A local band who have already made a name for themselves with a number of shows in the best venues in Surrey and Hampshire, Dazy Chain have now released their debut EP ‘Bloodbath’. ‘I Don’t Care’ opens the EP but sadly it’s not a strange bedfellow of the Xcerts’ hit of the same name… Melodies grapple with a healthy amount of scuzz in a Libertines-esque style, while quiet anger eventually rises to the fore in the lyrics: ‘I don’t care but I just don’t get it’ summing up frustrations, while ‘You’re a dirty fucking drug’ is also a memorable line. The song then throws in some elements of psychadelia as it moves into its full-throttle climax.

On Dazy Chain’s Facebook, they’ve hashtagged their sound as ‘bop bop’ and this is nowhere more apparent than on ‘Bloodbath’, a synth- and sunshine-fuelled ode to the joys of being young and having ‘no direction’ and ‘being oblivious to it all’. Wearing influences proudly on their sleeves, there’s a touch of Basement or Moose Blood in the emo-laced instrumental introduction of ‘Gunfire’ before this evolves into a more classic indie-pop sound during the first verse. The song then veers off once again with a huge drum sound and scatterbrain guitar work that is full of impassioned youthful exuberance – a sound that becomes a key feature of all four tracks.Full of energy, there’s also a touch of The Maccabees in as the spoken-word vocals deliver the lines: ‘I feel the blood rushing to my veins’ over and over again.

The brief and breezy EP closes with ‘Nucleic Acid Trip’, which has witty lyrics that ask: ‘Are you tripping? You’re enough to get me high’ and then descends into despair: ‘Are you lazy? Are you crazy?’; ‘You make me wish I was dead’. With this element of darkness, a bright energy and a DIY punk-rock spirit shining through, this EP provides a solid introduction to Dazy Chain and showcases a band bursting with promise.


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