Zooz – ‘Surf in Stereo’ EP review

Zooz band

A band that seemingly came out of nowhere and is already NME favourites, Zooz are signed to our friends over at Super Fan 99 Records and ‘Surf in Stereo’ is their debut EP. There’s some Shins-style melancholia in ‘Another Day in the Sun’, the opening song which is breezy and full of rhetorical questions, culminating with the definitive: ‘Do we ever get to stay for long?’ There’s also a tantalising tinge of psychedelia running throughout. Following this is recent single ‘True Love’, a slacker-pop piece bursting with healthy nostalgia.

Zooz show their slower side on ‘What the Party Brings’, which is at times playful and murkily mysterious: ‘Maybe tomorrow you’ll say my name. I want to hurt you but not desert you’. The EP’s closing track ‘Surf in the Storm’ expertly misses the dark and askew sound of Deerhunter with a more traditional and classic rock and roll feel.

Delving into many genres, Zooz have provided a hell of a listen on this short and sweet EP – it’s deserving of a place on any stereo.

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