Samoans and Freeze the Atlantic split EP review

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It’s always great when bands collaborate on their release and what better way to pay respect to each other than by covering one of the other’s songs? Samoans and Freeze the Atlantic have been buddies for a long time and on this latest release they do exactly that – and each throw in a new song for good measure.

Samoans ‘ ‘Wrong Cops’ is their new original song and it opens as if it is a distant cousin of Reuben’s ‘Let Stop Hanging Out’ as it has a distinctive riff being played over and over again – but it’s not long before this evolves into something like a math-rock behemoth. As the guitars change from grunge-tinged to twinkly (and then back again, words are sung about books being kept inside a house and the sound just keeps getting bigger as it touches on proggy elements. Very much following on from their terrific album ‘Rescue’, this song has plenty of gusto behind it. Following this is Samoans’ take on FTA’s ‘Stompbox’. They give the anthemic song an edgier and more experimental style that seems to suit it oh-so well.

After this, it’s Freeze the Atlantic’s turn. Their new song ‘The Floor is Made of Lava’ is burning with scattergun guitars and an anthemic feel that brings to mind Andy from FTA’s ‘other’ band Hundred Reasons, while their version of Samoans’ ‘I am Your Density’ (a title inspired by a quote from Back to the Future) makes it a more straight-up rock hit. Keeping the song’s distinctive intro, there are also distorted instruments and melodies brought right to the fore.

A lovely listen from two bands who clearly have a lot of time and respect for each other, this also gives glimpses of the future direction for both. Highly recommended.


One thought on “Samoans and Freeze the Atlantic split EP review

  1. The guitar in the first track is on the cusp of something outstanding. As unique as the sound is I feel that this is just the beginning of this band’s creative endeavors. I will certainly spread the word about them. I like what I hear.


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