JOHN – ‘Validation’ EP review

JOHN band Simon Pegg Validation

One of the loudest two-pieces around, it’s always a treat to hear new material from JOHN. Sure to wake you up and get you moving. As we all know by now, there’s no slow build-up with JOHN – things get heavy right away and opener ‘Bigger Man’ is no exception. Coming across like a bullet train drove by Heck (formerly Baby Godzilla), it has a repeated phrase of ‘Sit down, shut up’ while the Blakfish-style guitar is frantic and fantastic. ‘Dust’ follows this and is more in the style of the pop-punk of Brawlers – although with far grungier and ‘dirtier’-sounding vocals that soon evolve into yelps that hark back to the spirit of 2004 when bands like Reuben and Engerica were playing at all good rock shows.

‘Palms’ finishes the short, sharp and spikey EP and once again shows just how much noise two men called JOHN can make in around three minutes. With melodies akin to Woahnows and a punky edge to start, it has guitar that turns from fuzzy to clean in double-quick time and then gets more and more aggressive as the vocals shout the words: ‘I wrote this song on the back of my palm’. JOHN don’t need any validation, this is a pure rock EP filled with riffs – and has some bonus remixes from Pulled Apart By Horses and Shitwife.

Buy ‘Validation’ by JOHN from Till Deaf Do Us Party Records.


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