Easy Kill stream ‘Samson’ from latest My Little Empire Records release ‘Sermons’

Easy Kill

Signed to My Little Empire Records (kudos on the Manics reference in the name, by the way), we reviewed Easy Kill’s ‘Mould’ last year and had a lot of time for its take on anthemic indie rock in the vein of The National. Now, theband is returning with a new EP called ‘Sermons’ and you can hear ‘Samson’ – but no, it’s not a cover of the Regina Spektor song of the same name.

Opening in moody and melancholy Midlake style, a thundering rhythm section soon join the fray. With a vocal style falling somewhere between Dry the River and Wild Beasts, there’s also an alternative ‘80s influence shining through – think Echo and the Bunnymen or The Cure – while the sound gets more and more fraught as the band reach the final, dramatic climax and sing about how: ‘I am Samson, the nomad. I am Samson, the tree branch’.

Expertly playing its slow-fast moments and tackling its breakdown, Easy Kill continue their ascendance with this new track.


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