Slutface – ‘Kill ‘Em with Kindness’ Soundcloud stream

Slutface band music

We didn’t know what to expect when a Norwegian band called Slutface arrived in our inbox. What we got with ‘Kill ‘Em with Kindness’ was a succulent slice of pop that criticises the music press habit of building bands up and then knocking them down as soon as they start to make their mark on the general public. Haley Shea sings about how ‘Good stories sell more than you will ever do, kill ‘em with kindness wins worst lyric of the year’ over a feel-good melody you won’t want to shake off.

Sounding for all the world like a future staple of indie discos, the jangly melodies and repeated mantra of ‘Light it up, light it up’ capture the spirit of The Long Blondes at their most charismatic. Highly addictive, the indie-pop sound would also fit in alongside Bombay Bicycle Club or maybe Los Campesinos! and you can feel the wrath in Haley’s voice as she states: ‘Time Magazine says it’s your thing and leaves you wanting more’ Eminently danceable and an important subject to tackle, you’ll want to get on side with Slutface.

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