Fatherson – ‘Lost Little Boys’ stream on YouTube


Counting none other than the 2000 Trees organisers amongst their biggest fans, Fatherson will return this year with the album ‘Open Book’. After tours with Lonely the Brave, various festival appearances and acclaim from the likes of Huw Stephens, things are looking very positive for the Scottish band. Now, they have unveiled new single ‘Lost Little Boys’ and you can stream it on YouTube.

The anthem-in-waiting has a very intense and in-your-face opening that brings back memories of their previous release ‘Hometown’. In that perfect Scottish accent, Ross Leighton opens the song by stating: ‘It’s a cold summer’s night, are you beside me, I can’t tell…’ Bringing back memories of Frightened Rabbit’s Midnight Organ Fight, he then goes on to give a self-depreciating and perhaps slightly selfish call for help: ‘You owe me that’. As we hit the second verse, the stakes are higher as he asks: ‘Are you beside me in good health?’

Very powerful, the song’s chorus sees the band asking ‘Are we just lost little boys making a name for ourselves; are we just lost little boys making such fools of ourselves?’ There’s a breakdown towards the end as Ross delivers the lines ‘I’m not one for second chances, I’ve never been one for second chances’ amidst a tribal and rhythmic crash. Fatherson may be asking if they’re lost but it seems like they’ve furthered their winning formula. Fans of Admiral Fallow, Tellison and The Xcerts should check this song out.

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