Why We Love – ‘Lucky One’

Why We Love.jpg

A Bristol quartet with a penchant for bubblegum-sweet melodies, Why We Love’s ‘Lucky One’ opens with the line ‘Begging for forgiveness from the one you used to hold’ amongst some absolutely delicious hooks. Signed to our friends at My Little Empire Records, there’s a timeless quality to the song and also some brilliantly geeky references: ‘One more time for good luck, I’ve been practising and reworking my sentences but they just get paraphrased’.

Teenage Fanclub, Real Estate and Los Campesinos! – especially in the spoken-word sections – are all quality touchpoints for the band to hit and the mix of jangly indie guitars, jaunty bass and drums and just the right amount of twee make us the lucky ones for having the chance to hear such a pure pop hit. You’ll return to it again and again.


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