A mid-May new music round-up

We’ve had another busy week and in-between breaks from listening to that new album from the Hotelier, we’ve had the chance to delve back into our inbox and there are some real treats from both old favourites and newcomers. Here’s a pick of the best of them:

The Computers – ‘This Ain’t Right

We saw a last-minute show at Aldershot’s West End Centre last week and the band showcased some new material. It sounded soulful and incredible. Imagine Tom Petty collaborating with Buddy Holly and you’re halfway there. ‘This Ain’t Right’ is one of those songs that you can’t help but sing along to after about 30 seconds….

The Yacht Club – ‘1.21 Gigawatts

Signed to our friend Joe Booley’s Beth Shalom Records, the press release for The Yacht Club referenced both Into It. Over It. and TTNG so we had to listen to their new EP, ‘A’. Released via Bandcamp on 10 June, the stand-out track is ‘1.21 Gigawatts’, a song that combines Owen’s chilled atmospherics and delicate chords with lyrics that bring to mind the likes of Kevin Devine. It’s a grand song from a great EP.

Victory Kicks – ‘Precious Metal

We covered Victory Kicks in the past and John Sibley’s one-man band have been busy working away at a new record called ‘Get Blurred’ that you’ll be able to buy from Bandcamp soon. ‘Precious Metal’ is a song that combines the driving force of British Sea Power with the eccentricities of Clock Opera, all while wrapping it in a melody you won’t be forgetting in a while.

Firesuite – ‘Harbour

‘Tonight, I am lost, haunted to be true’ are the opening lyrics on ‘Harbour’, the latest song from Sheffield post-rock band Firesuite. Reminding us of the tenderness of Grammatics grappling with the dynamic, all-encompassing power of Oceansize, the song features hair-raising falsettos, a huge guitar sound (aided by recording and mixing by John Sephton and Dave Sanderson, who have worked with Allusondrugs and 65daysofstatic respectively) and some storming drums.

Bro – ‘Summerblime

A 20-year-old one-man band from Copenhagen, we weren’t sure what to expect when Bro emailed us. When we listened we found a slacker-pop piece that could be compared to early Ben Kweller or a slacker Brendan Benson/Mac DeMarco. This song finds him discussing the joys of summer in an experimental jam that features harmonies, detuned strings and childlike enthusiasm you can’t help but enjoy.




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