The Yacht Club sign to Beth Shalom Records and release video for ‘Heigham Park’

Photo credit: Alfredo Guzman

With their combination of shoegazey twinkling guitars and mathy hooks, The Yacht Club are the perfect new signings to our friends over at Beth Shalom Records. The London four-piece have unveiled a video for ‘Heigham Park’ ahead of the release of debut album  ‘The Last Words That You Said To Me Have Kept Me Here And Safe’ (out 25 January – pre-order here)

Written following the suicide of one of vocalist and guitarist Marcus Gooda’s close friends, ‘Heigham Park’ tackles the subject of grief and its isolating nature with honesty and candour. Marcus remembers good times with his lost friend over TTNG-style guitar work and then vows to move on, but always keeping the memories of an absent friend alive: ‘Sometimes I swear I can hear you, as if you’re walking beside me again, as I make my way down to Heigham Park to the bench that reads your name and I stay for a while’


Contact the Calm Zone or Samaritans for help if you are struggling with your mental health. 



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