Witterquick – ‘Beneath the Spinning Lights’ EP review

Witterquick Beneath the Spinning Waves EP review

When we discovered (via a tweet from our favourites The Xcerts) there was a band called Witterquick, we couldn’t help but be very interested. One of the original Spectral Knights from the Visionaries, Witterquick had the pace to cause all kinds of problems for the Darkling Lords. With this shared love of an underappreciated ‘80s cartoon, we were quick to listen to the Exeter five-piece. Now signed to LAB Records, they’re all set to release new EP ‘Beneath the Spinning Lights’ on 17 June.

Opening with ‘Soldiers’, a grunge-tinged slice of dark pop that features melodies akin to Hell is for Heroes and surprisingly delicate vocals, the band harmonise as they sing ‘We’re losing’ and you can’t help but feel the pain. This emo edge retains its status throughout the five songs. ‘Fade Out’ has an eminently danceable rhythm section while the guitar hooks are irresistible. Again, the lyrics bring a host of worries to the surface: ‘I’m waiting for an answer to get myself together’ and ‘I don’t want to dream because I can’t risk waking up’ adding a melancholic depth.

The EP was recorded with producer Romesh Dodangoda, who has worked with Twin Atlantic – also another touchpoint. ‘The Road’ is a little slower than what has come before and hits on themes of faith: ‘You sit and listen to you gods, they save your soul’. Dramatic to start with, the amps are turned up with a flourish as it becomes more and more of a fist-pumping anthem. ‘Rise’ closes the EP and again this is a song that touches on beliefs and the parallels between them and love: ‘Illuminate the sky tonight’; ‘Holding up your broken walls so you keep safe at night’.

With ‘Beneath the Spinning Lights’ Witterquick have released an EP full of passion and melody. Get on to them as fast as possible!

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