itoldyouiwouldeatyou – ‘Get Out of Bed’


Photo credit: Mattha Busby

With their ever-expanding line-up and shows with the likes of Johnny Foreigner and Get Inuit under their collective belts, itoldyouiwouldeatyou are a band on the rise. Ahead of a new EP in September, they’ve unveiled ‘Get Out of Bed’.

The song finds the band showcasing a slower side that suits their emotional tendencies. They’ve always been influenced by the Kinsella bands of the early noughties but as Joey Ashworth sings about how he wouldn’t get out of bed, we started to think of lyricists like Jeffrey Lewis who have a knack for spelling out their everyday anxieties and fears in a touching fashion.

With brass, potent backing vocals and a healthy combination of self-depreciation and defiance on show – ‘I won’t release you that easy’; ‘I wouldn’t get out of my bed’; ‘I’m not saying sorry’ – there’s a thrilling progression on show from previous releases. We even hear a touch of Broken Social Scene or Sparklehorse in the more twinkly moments…

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