New music round-up featuring Megan Landry, Marsicans, Magana, Carnival Youth, The Spare Room and Arbes

Megan Landry Marsicans Arbes Spectral Nights soundcloud stream

Megan Landry – ‘Questions (on the Cliff)

A proudly independent Canadian artist, Megan Landry tackles a host of political and environmental issues in Questions (on the Cliff). Opening in a Regina Spektor style, the offbeat aesthetic is accompanied by lyrics covering everything from graves to ‘sleeping in the bed you made’. Falling somewhere between Fight Like Apes and MGMT, the song asks if we really should be staying silent while the world falls apart around us. Seems quite apt right now.

Marsicans – ‘Absence

An indie band hailing from Leeds who are pals with Get Inuit, Marsicans’ ‘Absence’ is a longing-for-love song that brings to mind The Maccabees on first listen. The emotional and dark opening soon makes way for some joyous pop hooks in the vein of Dog is Dead or a less frenetic Spring King. The band keep singing how ‘patience is a virtue’ and the more it’s repeated, the greater depth it’s given.

Magana – ‘Get It Right

Available as a free download from our buddies at Audio Antihero, ‘Get It Right’ is the first track from Magana’s ‘Golden Tongue’ EP and it finds the Brooklyn native in spiky form. Opening with an expertly pitched gloomy aesthetic, you can hear Magana’s attitude hiss through the speakers as she spits out the lines: ‘Get it right if you’re going to waste my time’ and ‘make up your damn mind’. Clocking in at under two and a half minute, Magana has soulful vocals that wrap themselves tightly around the Sharon Van Etten-esque guitars.

Carnival Youth – ‘Seagulls on Bicycles

The Spectral Nights favourites have now released a delightfully surreal video for their indie-pop anthem ‘Seagulls on Bicyles’. Opening with some multi-coloured dalmations, it also involves some back-face people who recall the plasticine guys from Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker film, skateboarding and dancing. The song itself is a feel-good piece that sees the Latvian band booming out the lines ‘Get through the day with those seagulls on bicycles. Leading the way, seagulls on bicycles’ over jangly guitars that could have been the result of a jamming session between Dutch Uncles and Django Django.

The Spare Room – ‘Columbo

The opening track from the brilliantly named ‘One Man Slumber Party’ mini-album finds The Spare Room aka Louis Doyle (who appeared in a couple of Harry Potter films as Ernie Macmillan, fact fans) in wistful yet positive mood. Although there are certainly nods to some of the finest ‘60s bands from over here (we can certainly hear traces of ‘Penny Lane’) it also has an Americana feel that would sit alongside Whitney.

Arbes – ‘Sun on my Back

Basia Bulat meets Beach House in this totally chill song from Sports Day Records’ Arbes. Quite twinkly and a little bit emo, there’s a hypnotic riff in the hazy surroundings that wouldn’t be out of place on a Real Estate record. Meanwhile, the refined vocals embed themselves perfectly in this all and then there’s a delicate guitar solo to finish. It’s lovely stuff.

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