Mid-January 2017 round-up featuring Pool Art, Blushing, White Jackets, Bruising and Good Good Blood


Bruising – ‘What It Feels Like

Released via Too Pure Singles Club ahead of a tour with Menace Beach, Bruising’s ‘What It Feels Like’ is a song that couldn’t be more of a contrast to their aggressive name. Short and sweet with gliding vocals and guitar hooks that bring to mind some of the early 90s more refined indie-pop bands like Teenage Fanclub and Echobelly. So melodic and a real earworm, it’s a song you’ll want to put on repeat right away.


Pool Art – ‘Gender Balance

Pool Art are a Manchester duo who specialise in dream pop and ‘Gender Balance’ is a song that covers important subjects including the gender imbalance in China and inequality for women. It’s inspired by the 52Hz whale, which is thought to be one of the loneliest animals on the planet and the shoegaze style captures this feeling of desolation perfectly. With a very atmospheric opening, the song contains echord vocals and is unsettling but there’s also a dream-like aesthetic that fans of Mogwai will admire.


Blushing – ‘Tether

Two husband-and-wife duos from Austin, Texas, we definitely felt influences ranging from Deerhunter to Beach House in Blushing’s ‘Tether’ From the very first looped riff to the ethereal vocals, the band ask ‘can we erase the past?’ and talk about escaping before a refreshing burst of guitar cuts through the almost hypnotic sound that came before.


White Jackets – ‘Circle

A Finnish indie-pop duo, White Jackets’ ‘Circle’ starts with jangly Wilco-esue hooks and then throws in The National-style vocals. A charming song from start to finish, it’s also got elements of ‘The Suburbs’-era Arcade Fire in its grounded sound.


Good Good Blood – ‘Heart Land

The title track from a Bandcamp EP that has all its proceeds going to The Samaritans, Fox Food Records’ Good Good Blood’s ‘Heart Land’ is sparse and hummable but extremely affecting. Recorded straight to tape, James Smith’s delicate vocals and calm strumming will leave a lasting impression on you.

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