New music round-up featuring Agnes Obel, EXQUIRLA, Los Campesinos!, Goon and Dutch Uncles


Credit: Owen Richards

Agnes Obel – ‘It’s Happening Again’

If you’ve listened to 6Music over the past few weeks, you’re bound to have heard this deeply affecting song from Agnes Obel. Beautiful and with whimsical lyrics and a melody that you can’t help but wrap yourself all up in, it’s a bittersweet song from the Danish singer-songwriter that will equally appeal to fans of Bon Iver and Sharon Van Etten.

EXQUIRLA – ‘Destruidnos Juntos’

Now for something completely different. This 10-minute beast of a song is the result of a collaboration between Spanish post-rockers Toundra and and an experimental flamenco singer called Nino de Elche. It’s exactly the kind of song you’d imagine would receive a rousing ovation at ArcTanGent – complex, clever and completely captivating.

Los Campesinos! – ‘5 Flucloxacillin’

Los Campesinos! have been one of our favourites ever since they burst onto the scene over 10 (!) years ago. Now fully recharged and refreshed after an almost four-year break, they are making their comeback with the appropriately titled album ‘Sick Scenes’. ‘5 Flucloxacillin’ has pop hooks to die for and has Gareth bearing his soul once more: ’31  and depression’s a young man’s game’.

GoonLet Me In

Los Angeles’ Goon add their own twist on a cover of an R.E.M. song that was written as a tribute to Kurt Cobain. Previously quite heart-wrenching, they have subtly changed the song to be more of a fond and nostalgic celebration of friendship and talent.

Dutch UnclesBig Balloon

Perhaps one of the UK’s most underappreciated bands, Dutch Uncles are also making a welcome return this year and ‘Big Balloon’ is a song that will have you busting out dance moves just as incredible as their singer Duncan Wallis’. It’s full of the quirky melody and toe-tapping, shifting rhythm that make them such a cult favourite and first pricked the attention of Hayley Williams and many other avant-garde indie-pop lovers.


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