Magana – ‘Inches Apart’ video and Soundcloud stream

pasted image 0.png

‘You were born with thicker skin and I am only oxygen’ are the first lines of Magana‘s new single ‘Inches Apart’ and if that doesn’t get the hairs on the back of your neck standing up, the sheer emotion of her vocals and Cat Power-meets-Jeff Buckley guitars are sure to grab you. Dark, cold and emotive, Magana sings about loneliness and indicates she’s looking for someone to share her sadness with: ”When I’m cold and I’m lonely, will you hold me in your arms? We’ll grow old, we will only be inches apart’.

Halfway through the song, more effects are added to the mix as she repeats the statement ‘oceans won’t take you’ over and over again before the song settles into its final throes. Haunting and heartfelt, we’d recomment this for fans of Julien Baker. The song not only has a stunning video (directed by New York City Ballet’s Lauren Finerman) but it also comes with remixes by Audio Antihero label mates Frog and Benjamin Shaw.

Buy ‘Inches Apart’ on Bandcamp.


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