Murderhouse – ‘BURYMEbeneathGRUBBS’ video stream


Signed to Hanger Records, Brighton’s Murderhouse are a four-piece emo-punk band who play interesting shows with cool bands (their upcoming Brighton gig with itoldyouiwouldeatyou and Orchards looks like it will be a blast) and they also have a healthy disregard for capitalisation and spacing, judging by the title of ‘BURYMEbeneathGRUBBS’.

Anthemic from its very first note, the band tackle important subjects including anxiety and mental health while wrapping it all up in a melody you can’t escape for days. With inspiration from the likes of Modern Baseball, this song opens with the lines: ‘You can’t seem to talk without looking at your feet while we walk’ before then going on for the band to sing in unison: ‘If we’re being honest, I hope you know I’m useless’. They then go on to repeat that second, self-depreciating line over and over again and there’s some neat vocal interplay as the band ponder: ‘what’s next, what’s next to talk about?’


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