Everything Everything – ‘Desire’ video stream

Everything Everything Desire Youtube video stream A Fever Dream new album 2017

Excitement is already at breaking point for ‘A Fever Dream’, Everything Everything‘s fourth album. Now, it will go up another level after the Manchester masters of oddball pop revealed their new single, ‘Desire”.

A synth-led intro dives into the bands more math-rock elements before it takes a typically EE turn into 80s power pop with nods to both Depeche Mode and Duran Duran. Jonathan Higgs sings in trademark falsetto about the fact he’s a ‘pencil pusher with the pencil pusher blues’ while the big-sounding backing vocals remind him that ‘they have power like you never could’ (Jonathan’s response: ‘It’s too late); it appears to be a reassuring call to anyone who’s fed up of people trampling all over them. There’s a huge shout of ‘DESIIIIRE’ – and it’s all packed into under three and a half minutes. Jonathan finishes the song by asking ‘Can I tell you that I meant it?’ and responding ‘This is all that I see clearly’ and it’s obvious Everything Everything have a story to tell over what looks to be one of the albums of the year.


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