Rebecca Schiffman – ‘Laura’. A Seinfeld-inspired song

Rebecca Schiffman, new music, Seinfeld Song, Laura

When you receive an email about an act who has written a song inspired by Seinfeld’s pilot episode, your interest is peaked. When you look further into the act in question and find out they’ve also had music featured on Adult Swim and in Lena Dunham’s ‘Tiny Furniture’, you know they might be something quite special… So, without any further ado, here is Rebecca Schiffman‘s ‘Laura’

A New York artist and creative who now resides in Los Angeles, Rebecca says she has written quite a few songs inspired by ‘the show about nothing’ and this one is all about the situation in the very first Seinfeld episode when Jerry receives a call from a lady he met in Michigan asking him for a place to stay. It gives insight into how Jerry felt as he considered whether Laura wanted to hook up with him or if she genuinely needed somewhere to crash (spoiler: she wanted the latter). Rebecca says she’s trying to get inside Jerry’s head and show a more vulnerable side to the selfish character we all love, while also considering how she’d feel if she was in a similar situation.

Delivered in an anti-folk style similar to Kimya Dawson or Jeffrey Lewis, Rebecca sings about how Jerry wanted to be a gentleman but was worried he’d got everything wrong. She also talks about the way Jerry’s ‘pals’ reacted: ‘A voice from the past, you remembered me. My friends said I was a fool when I cancelled other plans. Still worth a shot; I got nothing to lose’ and then pleading: ‘Laura, Laura, why do you do these things to me? I’m only a man and out of strategy’.


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