Future Teens – ‘Sleep Schedule’ Soundcloud stream

Future Teens Hard Feelings Sleep Schedule Boston pop punk emo indie Take This to Heart Records

Formed initially as a joke, Boston’s Future Teens are anything but now. The two-minute slab of pop-punk that is ‘Sleep Schedule’ combines the more emotive tendencies of Blink-182 (think ‘Stay Together for the Kids’) with the addictive and fist-punching nature of Guided by Voices. It starts with singer Radin lamenting the fact that ‘It’s not your birthday so I did not get a card. It doesn’t matter as I didn’t get that far. Inside your house, I should have asked you to come out. Instead I stared at my phone waiting around’ and this adolescent sense of wonder and guilt continues throughout.

He then goes on to talk about it being 3 in the morning and how close he is coming to giving up. It perfectly captures the feelings of excitement, anxiety and horror that everyone experiences as they grow up. It’s the kind of stuff that Rivers Cuomo so perfectly wrote about when Weezer first came along.

Full-length album ‘Hard Feelings’ will be released on 29 September via Massachusetts’ Take This to Heart Records and we can not wait to hear more.


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