New music premiere: Joe Booley – ‘Outgrew’

Joe Booley Outgrew

Over the past five years, singer-songwriter Joe Booley has made a real name for himself both around our local area and beyond with his Jeff Buckley/Luke Sital-Singh-esque songs about life’s important issues. He’s heading into new territory* on new single ‘Outgrew’ and the results are even more powerful, precious and poignant than before.

One half of a double A-side (and just wait until you hear ‘I Wonder’), Joe experiments with a more varied and experimental sound with a subtle electronic drumbeat surrounding his lilting, layered vocals and precise guitar work. Although the music brings to mind the likes of latter-day Radiohead or even Philip Glass, the direct and open nature of the sparse lyrics is heartbreaking, passionate and important, showing he hasn’t forgotten the importance of soul.

Joe talks about outgrowing a loved one and how sometimes there is no option but to make the hard but ultimately correct call of breaking free and moving on with your life: ‘I’d never known a love like this. Never expected such things to exist. But I outgrew you long ago. I outgrew you, you must have known.’

Pre-order via Bandcamp.

Pre-order the tape via Beth Shalom Records.

*so different that he considered releasing this song under a new name/moniker.

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