New music round-up: Field Music, Graham Coxon, Martha Ffion, Typhoon and BEAK>

Field Music

Field Music – ‘Count It Up’

Field Music’s new single was described to us by their PR as ‘Jeremy Corbyn fronting Talking Heads’ and we couldn’t have been more excited to hear it. A Brexit-baiting track that was inspired by David Brewis’ disappointment in his hometown Sunderland being the first town to vote Leave, it combines soundbites of common sense and decency (which, since that dreaded vote, we as a nation appear to be losing) with Dutch Uncles synths and a rhythmic tone that reminds us of Public Service Broadcasting.

Graham Coxon – ‘Falling’

This poignant song was written by Luke Daniel, a friend of Graham Coxon’s who took his own life after fighting chronic pain. Released on limited-edition 7″, Graham’s take is subtly powerful with so much emotion as Luke’s words tackle anxiety: ‘Keep on talking and we might just make it through until tomorrow’ and compares this to our place in the world: ‘The Earth’s a distant point among the stars. How will we find out where we are?’ Graham’s vocals are so emotional and the bittersweet melodies add even more depth. Hopefully this beautiful song will help raise awareness and encourage men struggling with their mental health to reach out and talk to someone. Fot more inforation or to speak to someone, visit


Martha Ffion – ‘We Make Do ‘

We’ve been fans of Turnstile signing Martha Ffion for quite a while and have been eagerly awaiting news of her debut album (out in February next year, folks). ‘We Make Do’ is the first single to be aired from it and this two-and-a-half-minute delight opens with some Ben Folds-esque piano as Martha wistfully and openly looks back oversion her past: ‘It couldnt have been easy on you; all that growing up you had to do’. As the music becomes more jaunty (think Basia Bulat meets Duke Special), she pleads: ‘tell me I’m good’ before pondering what the neighbours would say.


Typhoon – ‘Rorschach’

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, Typhoon are cult favourites on the verge of releasing their fourth record – a 70-minute concept album called ‘Offerings’ that is all about a man losing his memory (referenced here as ‘the river of forgetfulness’). ‘Rorschach’ throws in chunky riffs, grand strings and all kinds of intelligent twists and turns. The combination of post-hardcore, emo and indie stylings will appeal to fans of bands as diverse as Mewithoutyou, Stars and Clap Your Hands Say Yeah.


BEAK> ‘(Merry Xmas) Face the Future’

Opening with a blast of festive bells, BEAK>’s Christmas song takes on an industrial Krautrock feel before throwing this in the mixing pot with the experimental and anthemic pop moments of recent tour mates Arcade Fire. There are also elements of The Beta Band in its experimental nature. The band ask ‘How can we face the future alone? and this is a key and timely message. All money raised by this single will go to the National Elf Service and The Mental Elf, an online resource for Mental Health information. Visit for more information.


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