Video premiere: Brutalligators – ‘You’re Brutalligatored’

Brutalligators You're Brutalligatored video stream youtube

We’re delighted to be premiering the video for Brutalligators ‘You’re Brutalligatored’. This song finds the band rallying against the current state of the world and the way people are just sitting back and letting awful things happen. The short and sharp song opens with some faltering emo melodies befoere a punky attitude in the vein of ‘Popscene’-era Blur takes hold. The very first words Luke Murphy-Wearmouth delivers are ‘What is with these right-wing fascist fucks?’ and he gets even more irate before finally spitting out the statement: ‘Am I the only one who cares?’

The video, directed by the band’s guitarist Paul Wade alongside his brother Simon and sister-in-law Donna, sums up the ethos of the song with Luke ranting while a ‘snowflake’ friend checks their phone and features snippets of  Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Theresa May and James Corden – all of whom have some responsibility for the divided and increasingly dark place we live in right now.


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