Top 5 Influences: The Entire Universe

Photo – Bobby Crush

Ahead of the release of the now sold-out ‘Just Don’t’/’Can’t They Hear?’ new Super Fan 99 Records signings The Entire Universe speak to us about their Top 5 Influences…


1) Nirvana – “Scentless Apprentice”

At the time this was the biggest band in the world & this was there highly anticipated follow up to a massive hit record. This song is so disgustingly heavy & ambivalent to any potential praise from critics. It’s the sound of giving zero f*#ks which is what got the band where they were in the first place. It’s also a really good example of how Kurt’s voice could be so nasty it would blend right in with the guitar playing in unison with it.


2) Syd Barrett – “No Good Trying”

Such an amazing artist. Almost a Van Gogh story, even though Syd lived on for the appreciation of his work in isolation. His writing style is so unique, holding chords just as long as he needs to get his poetry across. I’ve heard this record was done by adding the band (The Soft Machine) on top of the previously recorded vocal and guitar takes, which is super unconventional and gives it that push and pull throughout.


3) Fleetwood Mac – “Everywhere”

Hands down one of my favorite bands. They’ve had so many line up changes and different sounds over the years. This song features lead vocals by Christine McVee who always seems to make me cry. Hard to pick just one song by this band, but hey, this one’s a banger.


4) John Cale – “Big White Cloud”

All his early solo work is just perfect to me. This song is so beautiful, you could just listen to it over & over. (& I have)


5) The Clash – “The Magnificent Seven”

I dare you to listen to this loud with out moving your body! The Clash did it all. All the boxes are checked. They had a message. They had style. They had conviction. They experimented & pushed the boundaries till the end.


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