Top 5 Influences: Boy Scouts

Boy Scouts new music stream Super Fan 99

Ahead of the European release of the ‘Hobby Limit’ EP via Super Fan 99 Records any day now, Boy Scouts (aka Taylor Vick) talked us through the Top 5 Influences that shape her sound. It’s a wonderful list and one we’d quite happily have as a playlist for any journey…


Marika Hackman – ‘Boyfriend

My friend showed me Marika Hackman’s music recently and I’ve been super into it. This song is badass. I love the overall tone her songs have, and how great and clever and great her lyrics are.


Frank Ocean – ‘Chanel

I’m in awe of everything Frank Ocean creates.. I tend to get stuck on one song of his at a time and the past few months it’s been Chanel. I love the base piano track and the vocal melody he sings towards the end. His voice conveys emotion in such beautiful way.


Penguin Cafe Orchestra – ‘Perpetuum Mobile

This song is unreal and I’ll never not be blown away by it. I read on Wikipedia that it was written in a 15/8 time signature and the melody seems like it ends and repeats one beat ahead of when it should, and that’s what gives it that feeling of motion… I freaked out when I read that while listening to it cause that’s so cool.


Elliott Smith – ‘Everything Reminds Me of Her
One of my favorite Elliott songs off one of my favorite Elliott albums.. I love the way the electric guitars sound in this song. And I especially love the very last chord of the song. A god damn incredible songwriter, Elliott forever!!!
Chad VanGaalen – ‘Old Heads
Another longtime favorite artist of mine.. he writes such uniquely weird songs. A lot of the artists I used to love back in the myspace days either are no longer putting out music or I’m not really into the stuff they’re making anymore, Chad VanGaalen is the exception. I love his newest album as much as the older ones.

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