InTechnicolour – ‘Shaker’ stream

InTechnicolour Shaker stream video Bad Pond

Ahead of a short run of dates with Black Peaks (we’ll see you at the Westy in Aldershot, yeah?), Brighton’s InTechnicolour have unveiled the latest single from their as-yet untitled new album. The huge riffs that mark the opening of the song are ones their tour mates would be proud of and then the powerful vocals kick in before the song veers into more psychedelic territory as the band repeatedly admit ‘I’m not wise, I just speak slowly’. This 5-and-a-half-minute beast of a song also has some deliciously dark lyrics about trying to escape: ‘This mountain looks so clean. Head for the top. Don’t let’s get caught in the crossfire’; ‘The brick road is yellow and blood stained. Pick through my bag full of faces. Lay down in the grass and pretend’.

With World Cup fever kicking in, the video is also well worth a watch:



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