Orchards – ‘Luv You 2’ stream

Orchards BSM new music Luv You 2 stream soundcloud

Following countless tours and festival appearances, Orchards have signed to Big Scary Monsters in the perfect combination of band and label. To celebrate the news, the Brighton four-piece have unveiled ‘Luv You 2’, a song about falling for the same person as someone who used to be a friend and then not putting yourself down in comparison to others, or as Lucy Evers puts it: ‘patience, understanding and never giving up – just continuing to grow.’

The song opens with a burst of Axes-style riffage before slowing down with a ‘woo’ as Lucy ponders what she should have done in this situation: ‘I can’t tell her the truth, I used to luv you 2’. The band then throw in more pop-tinged hooks and sing-along moments as the song starts to fall somewhere between Totorro and Minus the Bear, all while the lyrics become more and more defiant: ‘I never needed devotion. I just need this emotion to express myself’; ‘I don’t hate you because she raised me right, it’s just a pity you didn’t put up a fight’.


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