Paul Steel – ‘Music Makes Me Feel So Alone’ stream

Photo credit: Keith Davey

Paul Steel has unveiled ‘Music Makes Me Feel So Alone’, the first single from his new album ‘Carousel Kites’ (released via Raygun Records on 13 July). This is a record separated into three distinct parts of five songs, which will be released as three EPs in the build-up to the final LP release date, and ‘Music Makes Me Feel Alive’ features on Part I.

Although the press release cites the influence of classic songwriters including Brian Wilson and Burt Bacharach, ‘Music Makes Me Feel So Alone’ could also sit happily alongside more contemporary artists including Ben Folds and Duke Special. A slice of baroque and irreverent pop – complete with the repeated mantra of the title and dark lyrics including ‘I switch the dial and drowned in empty tunes with empty wounds to satisfy the emptyhood’ – it takes an unexpected turn from dream-laden piano to something more trippy and experimental in its final minute. It’s an intriguing and intelligent piece and we can’t wait to hear more…

As an added bonus, the video is a light animation of a drawing by The Xcerts drummer Tom Heron.

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