Petal – ‘Tightrope’ stream

Photo credit: Katie Krulock

Ahead of the release of new album ‘Magic Gone’ on 15 June (Run for Cover Records),  a US tour with Camp Cope and an eagerly awaited UK tour, Petal has unveiled ‘Tight Rope’. The song opens with Petal (Kiley Lotz) singing: ‘I saw a strange light in the sky. A fireball burning brightly’ before then going back on this gorgeous scene by claiming ‘the truth is just a piece of coal dressed as gold’ among slow and hazy guitars.

The song will appear on Side A (‘Tightrope Walker’) of the new album, which is inspired by Petal’s time being treated for depression and panic disorder. Side B (‘Miracle Clinger’) was written while in recovery and also touches on her coming out as queer. With important messages and diverse influences ranging from Mitski and Queen to Solange, this is already sounding like a vital listen.

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