Slowcoaches ‘Found Down’

Punk trio Slowcoaches have unveiled ‘Found Down’, the first song to be released from their second album, due to be released later this year via Leisure & District.

A seething rally against the way the media glamorises the struggles artists fave on a daily basis, whether they be mental, financial or something else, the 2-and-a-half-minute song combines the heartfelt and honest intensity of Kamikaze Girls with relentlessly powerful Asylums-style hooks.

Vocalist/bassist Heather Perkins tells the subjects of the song to grow up and accuses them of never showing up before mocking how some people’s attitude changes when they discover you are in a band: ‘How did you get so cool? Wish I knew you when we were at school’ Cutting right through the bullshit, she later gives her response to this question: ‘How did you get so cruel?’

Sun 27 – London, UK @ Raw Power Festival
5th – Brighton, UK @ Green Door Store
Thu 7 – Hamburg, Germany @ Booze Cruise Festival
Fri 8 – Nuremberg, Germany @ Desi Festival
Thu 21 – Leeds, UK @ Chunk
Sat 23 – Sheffield, UK @ Delicious Clam (support from Chest Pains + Pink Cigs)

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