I Feel Fine: Top 5 Influences and Digs

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Following the release of their ‘Long Distance Celebration’ EP (available here), Joe from I Feel Fine has talked through five songs that influenced the band and five that he’s enjoying right now…

Top 5 Influences

Adventures – ‘Promise

It’s literally off of the only EP that we really like from this band but it’s just so damn good. For a while we were looking for a vocalist Reba was basically the benchmark for what we were looking for. In the end, we couldn’t find anyone, which is why our songs almost exclusively contain gang vocals.


Cloud Nothings – ‘Psychic Trauma

It’s just good old fashioned rock and roll and the drums get crazy towards the end. We definitely strive to replicate some of that energy when we write


The Hotelier – ‘Sun

We really like big endings and this one is just massive. Really just huge. Also, when we were talking about production that we liked before recording this one was a unanimous favourite. They’re also the kings of choosing pretty chords.


Crash of Rhinos – ‘Gold on Red

I mean apparently, we rip them off so I guess it was inevitable that we put a song here… Could have been anything off of Distal but I made a poll in on our Facebook chat and this one won it. 4 minutes in. Wow.


Pinegrove – ‘Need 2

So, the whole public statement thing was somewhat of a bummer and I’m not sure if it’s still cool to support the band. Who knows at this point? Anyway, ignoring that for now there’s no denying that this song is brilliant. Great bands are all about team work and this is exactly what great teamwork sounds like.  


Top 5 Digs

Pretend – ‘Somehow

It almost makes me feel bad how good these guys are as musicians. I can’t really improvise at all but if I could it would sound just like this. Not sure I can remember the last time a song made such a good first impression. In fact, the whole record is perfect.


Nike Drake – ‘Pink Moon

This song has been my reset button for the last ten years, when that little of piano comes in I’m all good.


Cursed – ‘Friends in the Music

What could be heavier that one disgustingly distorted bass with Chris Colohan spewing hatred over it? Two disgustingly distorted basses with Chris Colohan spewing hatred over it. Filthy.


American Football – ‘Never Meant

Guess it’s a cliché but singing along to this live with the guys at ArcTanGent a couple of years ago is probably the most fun live experience I’ve ever had. This song just reminds me of friends.


Tangled Hair – ‘Catalina

I cheated here because the whole album is awesome and this just happened to be one the tracks I could find on youtube. I love how there are just zero frills on this record it’s just all about pristine playing and brilliant craftsmanship. Saw them live the other day and they were note perfect.


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