Tomberlin – ‘Self-Help’ video stream

Photo credit: Philip Cosores

Tomberlin (or Sarah Beth Tomberlin to her family and friends) has released a video for ‘Self-Help’, a song that will appear on her forthcoming album ‘At Weddings’ (released via Saddle Creek on 10 August – pre-order here). The sad song is full of looped guitars, subtle drone-led noises and lilting vocals. It fits in the space between Bon Iver and Julien Baker – with some of Peter Silberman’s emotional resonance thrown in for good measure.

The spacious nature adds extra atmosphere and clarity as Tomberlin delivers dark lyrics about being ‘electrocuted in the bath tub’ and laying down ‘everyone I love’. Tomberlin’s songs were inspired by the hymns she grew up singing in church and how she felt delivering these words while questioning her faith and identity – and you can hear this on this pining and poignant piece.

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