Fatherson – ‘Making Waves’ stream

Fatherson Making Waves

We caught Ross Leighton of Fatherson performing an acoustic set ahead of the band’s main stage performance at 2000 Trees over the weekend and it was stunning. The exquisite setting and quiet crowd were a complete joy and we can’t wait to hear the band’s third album ‘Sum of All Your Parts’ (out 14 September).

‘Making Waves’, the first single to be released from the album, gives a glimpse of what to expect from the new record. It opens with Ross singing about his bond with ‘the girl down the street’ and how she’s started to tell him her secrets as she grows fond of him: ‘She thinks it’s good that I say what I mean. Don’t waste her time with the space in-between’. However, there’s desperation in his voice as he wonders if he can reciprocate these feelings and emotionally claims: ‘You think you know what I need. You want to tell me something. You think you see what I see. You want to tell me something’ over anthemic swirls of guitar.


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