Frog – Top 5 digs and ‘American’ stream


The next Frog album is out on 30 November (order via Audio Antihero Records here) and to accompany the release of new single ‘American’, band member Danny Bateman talks us through the Top 5 songs he’s digging right now…

Listen to ‘American’:

Danny’s picks:

Wolfgang Voign – ‘Kafkatrax 2.1

This is a 7-inch release I believe, but you can buy all the Kafkatrax in one release on Itunes if you wish. Wolfgang Voigt is my hero and there are so many gems hidden all over all of his pseudonyms, which are seemingly infinite. This is pretty heady, like jumping into a deep dark hole with no visible bottom.


Ramones – ‘Rocket to Russia’ (all the tracks)

I don’t really need an excuse to listen to this music, but I’m learning the drums so I play along to it. This album makes my right hand and arm really hurt. How the hell does Tommy hit the hi-hat so fast. Ow. Sheena is a repetitive stress injury waiting to happen.


Jan Jelinek – ‘Loop-Finding-Jazz-Records’

I’m sure this is probably old-hat to you, Mr. Internet connois-sewer, by my hats are all old, and give me a break, I’m trying here. I love this music. Germany rules! I wanna move there and start sampling stuff too.


Paul McCartney – ‘Temporary Secretary

1980 and it coulda came out yesterday. This will be the most memorable song you listen to today. 🙂


James Brown – ‘Get Up I Feel Like Being a Sex Machine’

The crowd is fake, but it doesn’t matter. This music was very very out when you think about it. And then he walks over to the pi-ano. Every single thing that happens on the song is perfect. I would not have been able to think up all those towns.


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