Marigolds – ‘Much to Me’ video premiere

Marigolds Much to Me video

We’re delighted to be premiering the new video for ‘Much to Me’ by Marigolds. Signed to our pals over at Beth Shalom Records, the Norwich-based five-piece have come up with a song fans of Delta Sleep, Evan Weiss and TTNG will instantly fall for.

It opens with lyrics about trying to find happiness in a place where it doesn’t exist: ‘Rekindle all the chemistry, say you never showed me anything, the humming of your ceiling fan, the silence it brings comfort’ before twinkly, noodling guitars highlight a more defiant outlook and almost celebratory tone: ‘The blood in my arteries reminds me I’m still alive’; ‘I’m going in every direction, commercially I’m free’ before melodic hooks in the final 30 seconds get you tapping your toes.

You can download ‘Much to Me’ via Beth Shalom’s Bandcamp:


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