I Was a King – ‘Bubble’

I Was a King Bubble stream

Photo credit – Donald Milne

Swedish indie-pop band I Was a King have released details of their new Norman Blake-produced album ‘Slow Century’ (out 8 March on Coastal Town Recordings) and unveiled brand new single ‘Bubble’.

Bursting with jangly charm and potent guitar hooks, the song is all about how important it is that friends are there for you, even in times of trouble and how ‘the best ones will stand by you right through the shitstorm’. There’s a real power in the dual harmonies and the love the band has for each other is evident as they state: ‘I didn’t come down here to give up, I’ll stay until you’ve had enough’ and ‘Come grab my shoulder and we’ll give it another go’. Falling somewhere between Stars and Cocteau Twins, there’s also some sadness as Frode Strømstad and Anne Lise Frøkedal plea to each other to reach out: ‘Now my hands are waving, I’m sinking like a stone. Open your mind. Throw me the line now before I’m gone’


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