Field Medic – ‘Henna Tattoo’

Field Media

Following years of lauded releases on Bandcamp, Field Medic (aka Kevin Sullivan) is set to release ‘Fade into the Dawn’, his first debut album proper via Run for Cover Records on 19 April. To whet the anticipation for the release, he has unveiled the melancholic single ‘Henna Tattoo’.

A two-and-a-half-minute folk-tinged song ‘about being afraid to speak up for fear of what the truth might be’ and how this can bring about so much unease and anxiety, it’s subtly powerful and finds Kevin pondering what love actually means, especially when significant others have moved on: ‘jealousy sinking in, seeing you seeing him. I’ve been feeling so insecure, like is it gonna come true if i say it?’ There’s a heartbreaking admission at the end: ‘You’re my love. Can’t you see I’m your man; tell me when you’re seeing me you’re seeing it’.


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