Cult Film – ‘Mona’

Cult Film - Mona stream Bandcamp

Southampton native Chapman Lee has unveiled ‘Mona’, the first song and title track from his DIY bedroom pop project Cult Film’s debut EP.  You can pre-order the tape via new label Devil Town Tapes here.

It’s a poignant and powerful slow-burning piece about love and loss with Chapman first asking Mona how it felt when a man left her in the middle of the night before then correcting himself and admitting he was the one responsible for abandoning her, despite having so much love: ‘I love you so baby please don’t cry, did I do enough for you? Did I get you high? I left you in the middle of the night tell me, how did that feel Mona, how did that feel?’

It perfectly encapsulates the anxieties of feeling you are not good enough for others and its Elvis Depressedly-meets-Jeffrey Lewis tones have a lasting impact.


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