The Mostar Diving Club – ‘Leave Me to Fly’

MOstar Diving Club 2019

Opening with serene strings and pleasing handclaps, The Mostar Diving Club’s ‘Leave Me to Fly’ soon veers into a Villagers-esque direction as Damian Katkhuda pleads with a loved one to ‘stay by my side, stand by me’ (complete with a nod in the bass line to the classic Ben E King song’).

He promises: ‘I’ll keep you safe, I’ll keep you warm and I’ll give you everything that you will need to weather the storm’ before offering reassurances he’ll stay with this loved one until the end of time and ‘until stars fail to shine’. It’s an unashamedly romantic song with gorgeous glockenspiel and hints of The Flaming Lips’ most powerful moments.

The Mostar Diving Club will play Bush Hall in London on Thursday 14 March.


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