Gaffa Tape Sandy sign to Alcopop! and announce EP and tour details

Gaffa Tape Sandy Headlights Alcopop! Records new music 2019

Alcopop! Records have added another fine band to their roster with the signing of Bury St Edmund trio Gaffa Tape Sandy. The band have also shared ‘Headlights’, the first track to be taken from their forthcoming EP – which will be released in time for the festivals.

Gaffa Tape Sandy have already played shows with Idles, Indoor Pets and Art Brut and established themselves as an indie favourite with numerous DJs and zines. Seconds into ‘Headlights’ you’ll see why. Combining the slacker pop stylings of Bis or Pavement with melodic garage rock sensibilities, the song finds Kim Jarvis and Catherine Lindley-Neilson dual vocals coming off as a conversation that sums up the band’s mantra of how ‘it’s important to be lovely to one another’. They show how important is to be with others in times of need and to check with them as they harmonise how ‘You better move fast or you might not keep your head on. I think you’re a little bit sadder then you let on’.

Catch Gaffa Tape Sandy on the following live dates

05 Apr – Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
12 Apr – Washed Out Festival, Brighton
25 Apr – The Amersham Arms, London
11 May – The Great Escape, Brighton
17 May – Top Of The Alcopop, The Dome, London
15 June – in.die music Festival, Germany
28 July – Truck Festival, Oxfordshire




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