Holding Patterns share ‘Centered at Zero’ ahead of ‘Endless’ album release

Holding Patterns Emily Dickinson Endless Crash of Rhinos Vested Interest Centered at Zero

Holding Patterns (a band featuring members of previous Big Scary Monsters/Topshelf Records favourites Crash of Rhinos) have shared new single ‘Centered at Zero’ ahead of the release of their new album ‘Endless’ via Vested Interest Records on 17 May (pre-order here).

With lyrics referencing extracts of American poet Emily Dickinson’s poem ‘I Saw No Way – The Heavens Were Stitched’, the band talk about how they feel like ‘Just a speck on a ball, spinning In circular motion. Without knowledge or notion’ over complex and mathy guitar riffs that weave their way through an intense post-rock-influenced sound and then something akin to the more melodic stylings of Tubelord.


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