Hayden Thorpe – ‘Earthly Needs’

Photo credit: Broomberg & Chanarin

Hayden Thorpe has shared ‘Earthly Needs’, the third song to be taken from his upcoming solo album ‘Diviner’ (out on Domino on Friday 24 May – pre-order here).

With its synths, programmed drumbeats and deeply personal lyrics (‘I cannot unlove you’), the song opens in a style that brings to mind ‘Digital Ash’-era Bright Eyes before evolving into something altogether more space age and swaying. Hayden talks about trying to undo the past despite being tied to ‘Earthly needs’ amidst swathes of emotional atmospherics.

When he mentions ‘Emotional jiu jitsu, your finishing move’ and asks ‘How long will our love take when it won’t obey? How long until I laugh at this, until the abyss?’, you can’t help but feel his pain as he tries to find redemption.

Hayden Thorpe Live Dates
May 20 – London, UK *
May 21 – Berlin, Germany *
May 25 – London, UK – Rough Trade East ^
May 27 – Brighton, UK – Resident Music ^
May 28 – Kingston, UK – Banquet Records ^
May 29 – Cardiff, Wales – Spillers Records ^
May 30 – Sheffield, UK – Bear Tree Records ^
May 31 – Leeds, UK – Jumbo Records ^
June 3 – Brooklyn, NY – Rough Trade NYC ^
June 4 – Brooklyn, NY *
June 6 – Los Angeles, CA *

* denotes Piano Room Sessions, RSVP-only here
^ denotes in-store performances, free


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