Joe Goddard and Hayden Thorpe – ‘Unknown Song’

Joe Goddard Hayden Thorpe Hot Chip Wild Beasts Domino Records collaboration Unknown Song

Joe Goddard (Hot Chip) and Hayden Thorpe (ex-Wild Beasts) have collaborated on new single ‘Unknown Song’. Written and recorded in the early part of the year before all of this, the dance banger will raise your spirits as Hayden sings about ‘where all the lost chords belong’ and broken melodies over synth beats that fall somewhere between electro pop and the blissed-out vibes of New Order.

Hayden sings: ‘Unspoken love, listen up. Unspoken vow, I hear you now. Unspoken love, I can’t say it enough. Unspoken vow, I hear you now’ in his trademark falsetto before stating ‘I bow to your sweet tyranny, choose me’ and then finishing the song – amidst some healthy ‘damn rights’ – by passionately declaring ‘Now we’re living’. It’s a song that will have you dancing.


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